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OpenStack Certification Complete, 2nd Edition (pre-release, LQ)
Год выхода: 2017
Производитель: LiveLessons
Сайт производителя: http://www.pearsonitcertification.com/store/openstack-certification-complete-video-course-9780134665
Автор: Sander van Vugt
Продолжительность: 11:40
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: Note: This is a pre-release version and may not be complete, edited, or finalized, including video post-production editing.
Пре-релиз версия, может быть неполной, незавершенной.


OpenStack Certification Complete, 2nd Edition
by Sander van Vugt
Publisher: Pearson IT Certification
Release Date: October 2017
ISBN: 0134836952
Running time: 11:42:40
More than 13 hours of training, so you can pass the Certified OpenStack Administrator Certification or the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) in Red Hat OpenStack exams. Fully updated to cover the new Red Hat exam.
OpenStack Certification Complete Video Course is a unique video product that provides a solid understanding of OpenStack, so you can pass two certification exams: the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam from OpenStack Foundation and the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) in Red Hat OpenStack exam. In addition to helping you study for your chosen exam, this thorough video course provides in-depth insight and knowledge about OpenStack to help IT Administrators, designers, and architects get practical knowledge on how to implement OpenStack-based cloud solutions.
OpenStack Certification Complete Video Course contains full coverage of every objective in the OpenStack.org exam and the newly updated Red Hat System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack exam. You will also find lab demos, whiteboard instruction, exercises, and labs to help you study for the exams and also help you gain first-hand experience working in the Red Hat and OpenStack platforms.
About the Instructor
Sander van Vugt is an independent Linux trainer, author, and consultant living in the Netherlands. Sander has written numerous books about different Linux-related topics and many articles for Linux publications around the world; he is also the author of the bestselling RHCSA LiveLessons and RHCE LiveLessons video courses. Sander has been teaching Red Hat, SUSE, and LPI Linux classes since 1994. As a consultant, he specializes in Linux high availability solutions and performance optimization. More information about Sander is on his website at www.sandervanvugt.com.
Skill Level
Beginning to Intermediate
What You Will Learn
OpenStack Basics
OpenStack Components
Deploying Red Hat OpenStack with Packstack
Deploying OpenStack on Ubuntu
Managing OpenStack with Horizon
Managing OpenStack from the Command Line
Managing Back-End Services Managing Keystone
Implementing Object Storage with Swift
Implementing Object Storage with Ceph
Managing Glance Image Services
Managing Cinder Block Storage
Understanding Neutron Networking
Managing Neutron Networking Services
Managing Nova Compute and Instances
Implementing OpenStack
RHCSA OpenStack Final Lab
Certified OpenStack Administrator Final Lab
Who Should Take This Course
The target audience for this course is Linux engineers who want to become certified to work with OpenStack. Other target audience groups include:
IT architects who need to get insight in the working of OpenStack
Developers who need to get insight in the working of OpenStack
The product focuses on theoretical and practical configuration. Users should have a working knowledge of Linux. The course is apt for experienced Linux or UNIX administrators. The preliminary knowledge that is required to attend this course can be obtained by working through the RHCSA LiveLessons course.
Course Requirements
The ideal target student has some preliminary Linux knowledge already.
Файлы примеров: отсутствуют
Формат файла: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1280x720, 16:9, 30fps, ~1400kbps
Аудио: AAC, 48kHz, 128kbps, stereo


Доп. информация: Версия пережата с 45ГБ до 7ГБ без потери качества.
Ссылка на оригинал: http://Torrentc/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5450071

Расширенная информация по видео/аудио

Идентификатор : 1
Формат файла : AVC
Формат файла/Информация : Advanced Video Codec
Профиль формата : Main@L3.1
Настройки формата : CABAC / 2 Ref Frames
Параметр CABAC формата : Да
Параметр RefFrames формата : 2 кадра
Идентификатор кодека : avc1
Идентификатор кодека/Информация : Advanced Video Coding
Продолжительность : 31 с. 667 мс.
Битрейт : 1413 Кбит/сек
Ширина : 1280 пикселей
Высота : 720 пикселей
Соотношение сторон : 16:9
Режим частоты кадров : Постоянный
Частота кадров : 30,000 кадров/сек
Цветовое пространство : YUV
Субдискретизация насыщенности : 4:2:0
Битовая глубина : 8 бит
Тип развёртки : Прогрессивная
Бит/(Пиксели*Кадры) : 0.051
Размер потока : 5,34 Мбайт (91%)
Язык : English
Дата кодирования : UTC 2017-08-02 22:18:08
Дата пометки : UTC 2017-08-02 22:18:08
Codec configuration box : avcC
Идентификатор : 2
Формат файла : MPEG Audio
Версия формата : Version 1
Профиль формата : Layer 3
Настройки формата : Joint stereo
Идентификатор кодека : mp4a-6B
Продолжительность : 31 с. 704 мс.
Duration_LastFrame : -1 мс.
Вид битрейта : Постоянный
Битрейт : 128 Кбит/сек
Каналы : 2 канала
Частота : 48,0 КГц
Метод сжатия : С потерями
Размер потока : 495 Кбайт (8%)
Библиотека кодирования : LAME3.99.5

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